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My nom de plume is Gail Taylor.  I have been involved in psychic research since I was five years old, when I died.  In these pages, I will share my personal psychic experiments in the wild ’70s and onward…some successful, others a dismal failure.  And my tours around North America as an international lecturer in self-discovery and personal psychic unfoldment are kind of interesting too.  Perhaps as you travel along with me, you might find out that you’re psychic too.

By the way, psychic doesn’t mean having to have a crystal ball and wear a turban.  It’s simple everyday things that we all experience…knowing who’s on the phone before  you answer, having a dream and then having it come true, buying something that you have no use for and then running into an event or experience where you badly need this item, on a hunch going to a store you usually don’t go to and finding the very coat you need on sale.  Those are practical applications of ESP.  Some people call it being intuitive.  And we all have it!

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